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Meet Christine

Virtual Assistant & Founder of Christine Nicole


I'm so thrilled you are considering the possibility of working with a virtual assistant. The main focus of my business is to help entrepreneurs with task completion by taking on tedious and time consuming tasks. The life of an entrepreneur is a difficult one. No business owner should have to travel that road alone.


As an entrepreneur myself, I get it. I want you to remember why you started your business by allowing you to feel the joy, passion, and happiness you felt when you first started.

As a former elementary school teacher, I love all things planning, structure, and organization. I've lost track of the skills I've mastered as an educator that have seamlessly transferred to the services I offer as a virtual assistant.

While I'm not at my desk completing work for clients, you might find me at the playground or the Carolina beaches with my two young kiddos and husband, binge watching a Netflix or HGTV show, or enjoying a glass of white wine.

I would love to help your business grow to the next level by offering my services. Whether it's an individual project or services for an upcoming event, a particular number of hours of general services per week, or a social media management package, I hope you'll consider reaching out so we can discuss the next steps.


Are you ready to get your time back?

I am a true Type One Wing Two on the Enneagram.

I love a good country music or Taylor Swift playlist on Spotify to keep my work day productive.

I'm originally from Northern Virginia and cheer for all the DC sports teams.

My love language is Gifts and I cherish all things birthdays and holidays.

I might be the only person you know who will choose Good & Plentys over everything else in the candy aisle. 

A vibrant sunset and fields of sunflowers make me swoon.

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